Robert Evans Imagery
Robert Evans Imagery

The Secrets Of Spectacular Wedding Photography

For Anyone Planning A Wedding

By Robert Evans

Soft Cover Book eBook | Tablet | Kindle

Wedding Photography Tips For Couples Getting Married

"Thank you for your interest in this book, which is truly a project of the heart. I’ve had a long, successful career as a wedding photographer, but I often hear stories from couples who have had a negative experience related to their wedding photography. So I decided to share experiences from my twenty-five-plus-year career, and offer tips and advice that I have learned from my many successes and my own trial and error. Hopefully, I can help prevent future sad wedding photography stories, for anyone who is tying the knot. I hope this book helps you to have a perfect wedding day, captured with beautiful photographs that last for generations.

These wedding photography tips are easy to read and address the complete wedding photography experience. They are broken down to, before, during, and after the wedding day. There are 165 pages of wedding photography tips and information, written by Robert Evans who has had a successful twenty-five-plus-year career, photographing weddings.

Sample tips

  • Key communications with your photographer which eliminate regrets before and after your wedding day
  • Tips on how to get your family and friends to be on time for pictures
  • Experience a stress-free day, how to eliminate anxiety
  • Hiring the best photographer based on their experience level and your budget, and what to expect
  • Practical wedding photography sample timelines
  • How to take advantage of emotional photographic opportunities throughout the wedding day
  • Share with your photographer key moments during the wedding day that produce timeless imagery
  • Understanding a photographer's workflow during your entire relationship
  • Managing expectations on both sides of the camera
  • Wedding photography terms and jargon, Shoot & Burn, Do I need a second shooter, Raw vs Jpg
  • Backup your wedding images for life, It’s never if… but WHEN a hard drive will fail
  • How to keep other vendors from making you run late
  • How to be completely relaxed through the entire process
  • Ensuring your photographer will want to work hard for you and produce their best work

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